Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fare Hike In Omni-Land

This is what happens when you don't ride a transit system that often... you don't notice the fare hikes. I'm not a frequent Omni rider, so I didn't notice that yesterday fares went up to $1.50. Welcome, Omnitrans, to the brave new world of budget cuts.

While it's always a disappointment when fares increase, I should point out that Omni fares are still below RTA's. The cash and day pass fares are the same, but their 7-day pass is $15, compared to ours at $16, and their 31-day pass is $47- a full $3 cheaper, and a day longer.

On the other hand, Omni has yet to develop any U-Pass-style agreements with San Bernardino Valley institutions of higher learning. College students ARE eligible for Student fares, but let's be honest- free bus passes beat discounted ones any day.

This fare change also brings with it several minor schedule changes. Be sure to pick up your new Omnitrans bus book and note the time changes for routes 3, 5, 11, 15, 20, 61, 63, 65, 66, 67, 81 and 83. It's sad these days that any bus book that comes out without draconian service cuts is a victory... but it's true, and by that measure this book is a victory.

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Anonymous said...

I cant believe they also decided to make the new downtown transit center about 2 blocks from 4th and E Street. They want to build it at Rialto Ave( between Food 4 Less and the Arrowhead Stadium). It would of been better just to do it at the Carousel Mall. That mall is in the end of its life and Omni could of build a transit center in one of its parking lots. People can use the bridge to go to city hall. I hope the economy gets better. This fare increase every year is annoying.