Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Long Campuswide Nightmare is Over

Four years ago, I noted the removal of the pre-existing bicycle lane on University Avenue between Iowa and the freeway. This asinine move was caused by Caltrans policy, which required the city to provide two lanes to feed in to the I-215/CA-60 eastbound on-ramp there. Well, today, I have a bit of good news:

That's right, the bike lanes are back! And, in an a stunning move for our suburban-minded City, a car lane was removed from Iowa all the way to the freeway!

The bike lane is significantly wider than the one that was there four years ago, and it comes complete with conflict-zone markings where it crosses the right-turn-only lane on the approach to the on-ramp.

This is part of the University/Canyon Crest re-design process, which includes Riverside's first on-street cycletrack (for one short but critically-important block). Pics of the latter will be up once it's actually finished.