Here, I'm going to link to any and all posts that I've written that are intended to instruct you folks on how to use the local transit system.

Please note that some of these posts may get out of date as time goes on, especially if they deal with routing and schedules. Be sure to check this information against RTA's web site before relying on it for trip planning.

Summer Transit HOW-TO (part 1, part 2, part 3)- guides to visiting local attractions on transit.
How to Stop Driving- a general guide to ditching your car.

Airport Transit (update)- How to get to all the major SoCal airports on transit, with an update on cheap LAX buses.

Nighttime Transit Tips
- safety tips about getting around without a car at night.

Transfer Policies- An overview of RTA and Omni's transfer policies, and the various legal ways of getting a free ride.

The Food Comes to You- A short overview of grocery delivery services available to Riversiders.

Did you know?
- A primer on Amtrak service in Riverside, including where it goes and how to get tickets.

The Transit Rider's Toolbox
- What any transit rider ought to carry with them in order to have a pleasant journey.

Who Goes There?- A guide to the transit providers that regularly serve Riverside.