Monday, October 5, 2009

Transfer Policies

UPDATE: I forgot all about Corona Cruiser passes. They've been added.

Part of the reason I write this little blog is to ensure that you folks out there have the best possible transit experience, while trying to poke RTA's soft underbelly to ensure that that experience gets better. As I've mentioned before, during my interview with the Ralph and Tim podcast, knowing your fare and transfer policies is essential to ensuring that you are not overpaying for your ride on transit. There are many, many ways to ride free on our local transit systems (all legal!), and you should take advantage of them rather than dropping your $1.50 in the fare box without question. This post was prompted by an experience last night at the Metrolink, where a gentleman paid for his bus trip, even though he had ridden the train in. As most readers are aware, Metrolink tickets are good for one transfer away from the train station. In light of this experience, I am writing this public-service post to call attention to the transfer policies of our various local transit agencies, in the hopes that you readers will find them useful.

Transfers and Free Rides on RTA:
  • Riverside County Jury Summons- Good for unlimited rides on RTA during its period of validity.

  • City of Riverside & RTA Employee ID- Good for unlimited rides on RTA.

  • RCC, UCR, La Sierra U or Cal Baptist U ID card- Good for unlimited rides on RTA.

  • Valid Omnitrans pass (must have dates on back)- Good for one local fare on 25 in Loma Linda, 49 at Country Village, and on all local routes at Downtown Terminal.

  • Metrolink ticket or pass- Good for rides to and from any Metrolink station, on trips that serve that station only. Includes CommuterLink. (Unofficially, good at University & Orange and University & Park for trips that do not, especially on weekends.)

  • OCTA passes are good as $1.50 credit towards fare on 149 at the Village at Orange.

  • Pass Transit passes are good as $0.75 credit towards fare on local routes at the Beaumont Wal-Mart.

  • Corona Cruiser passes are good for one local fare on RTA routes in the City of Corona.

Transfers with your RTA pass:
Note: CityPass and U-Pass participants do not receive these privileges.
  • OCTA local routes serving the Village at Orange.

  • Omnitrans 215 at Downtown Terminal, 82 at Country Village, and all local routes serving Loma Linda V.A. Hospital, Ontario Mills Mall and Montclair TransCenter.

  • RTA passes are good for one local fare on Corona Cruiser routes from the point of contact.

  • RTA connects with Foothill Transit at the Montclair TransCenter. RTA passes are not officially listed as an accepted transfer medium in the Foothill bus book, but I have used one to some success in the past. YMMV.

Omnitrans has a very good summary of their own transfer politices available at their web site.

The way the budgetary process works involves each agency setting aside a certain amount of money to re-imburse others for the cost of these transfers. This money has essentially already been spent- you aren't doing any good by not using it. Keep these policies in mind when you're out and about on our local transit systems- they may well save you a bit.


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This is awesome. Thanks, Justin.

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