Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Community Meeting Alert!

Posted in the new RTA Reader (you read the RTA Reader, don't you?) is a community meeting notice- November 9th at 6pm at RTA headquarters, staff are seeking recommendations regarding a number of proposals. Specifically, they name interlining 29 and 49, route detours for service to the Perris Transit Centre and during the Magnolia underpass construction, and converting 149 to a CommuterLink route. All of these sound pretty innocuous, but a close eye is warranted- how do they plan to interline 29 and 49? Those routes serve pretty different areas (Limonite via Mira Loma and Mission via Pedley to South Fontana), which are already very under-served. Also, does making the 149 a CommuterLink just change the livery of the bus and the fare structure, or are they planning on making it weekday-peak-only just like all of the other CommuterLink routes? I'll be at the meeting to ask.

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