Friday, March 19, 2010

I return!

The quarter (that all of my older and wiser colleagues say will be the hardest of my graduate career... we'll see) is finally done, for better or worse. Since it's now spring break (WOO!), I'll be returning to writing the blog, which is great because a lot has been happening, both locally and in the blogosphere, that I'd like to comment on. But first, there's sleep to be had, TV to be caught up on, and other life things that I must to. I must mention, though, that I'll be attending StreetSummit 2010 in Los Angeles tomorrow at LA Trade-Tech. According to the e-mail they sent me, there are "a small number of tickets" available for walk-ins, and apparently some gourmet street food for lunch. LA Trade-Tech is at 22nd & Grand, just off the LACMTA Blue Line and easily accessible by Metrolink (catch SB line #351 at 6:30 from Riverside-Downtown to Union Station, then Red Line it to 7th/Metro and Blue Line to Grand). And to all my friends and colleagues in the LA livable streets blogosphere, I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

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