Monday, October 4, 2010

Transit Centre Update

Perhaps many of you are wondering just what is going on with the Riverside Multi-Modal Transit Center project on Vine Street. I know I was, and that many riders downtown are as well. Well, now you can find out. Although the City's transportation committee meeting was cancelled twice this month- the second time for "lack of a quorum" (translation: at least two of the three Councilmembers on the Committee didn't show up)- the reports prepared for the meeting are available on the Internet. (In fact, two copies are available- one from each of the cancelled meetings.) Here it is, for your bureaucratic reading pleasure.

For those of you who'd rather not dig through the dense language, here's the summary:

  • Psomas, the contractor who did both the Perris and Corona Transit Centers, has been contracted to design the station.

  • RTA and RCTC have been asking bus and Metrolink riders about their transfer and travel patterns downtown. (I've filled out two of these surveys myself.)

  • Psomas and RTA have conducted a few traffic studies, and Psomas is working on conceptual siting designs. They should be presented to the public, RTA and RCTC by the end of this calendar year.

By the way, at the last Transportation NOW! meeting, Councilman Melendrez expressed his support for a pedestrian bridge over CA-91 from the Metrolink station to downtown, probably in the vicinity of the county building. It remains to be seen what will come of this suggestion, but I support it strongly as well.


Matthew said...

It seems a pedestrian bridge over the freeway somewhere around 10th could work wonders for access to the station/transit center from Downtown.

Rene said...

Add a bikeway, too. Pedestrian and bikeway should be separate. Hopefully it will be a part of the downtown bike loop?

Anonymous said...

I think the transit center should be modeled after the fairly recent multi modal station in South Boston.

JN said...

Rene- I strongly doubt there will be a bikeway over the freeway. Just getting the pedestrian bridge will be a struggle, but fortunately we have a strong supporter in Councilman Melendrez. Bikes have the disadvantage of being unable to climb stairs, and so bike bridges take up quite a bit more space. It would be nice to see sharrows, bike lanes, or other facilities on the streets in and around the station though, and I think that probably has a chance of happening.

Anon- I'm not familiar with the South Boston project. Perhaps you could enlighten or link us?

Anonymous said...

It's a great station that incorporates national and commuter rail, local and national bus lines, taxis...and has retail as well.

JN said...

Indeed, I'm sure the main train station in Boston (South Station) is a fantastic place. I've never been there, but I've been to Union Station in LA and in Chicago, both wonderful examples of transit stations. I highly doubt we'll see either one in Riverside.

It would be very cool to see retail incorporated into the station though, even if it's just a stall with snacks, newspapers and transit passes. RTA has made some moves in that direction before.