Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cyclists- Time to Re-Lace Your Shoes

Most people simply leave their shoes laced they way they are at the store, or at best re-lace them in a simple criss-cross pattern. This is a wasted opportunity. There are literally billions of possible shoe-lacing combinations, of which hundreds have interesting functional or aesthetic properties.

Of course, this is an alternative transportation blog, so what am I doing talking about shoelaces? Well, it turns out that there is a way to lace your shoes so that you never get your laces caught in your bicycle chain again. My latest pair of sneakers has ridiculously long laces, which were frequently getting caught. Re-lacing them did the trick! Just remember to put the bow on the outside of your shoe, not the inside.


Chewie said...

That's neat. I always stick my bow under the laces leading up to it to keep it out of the chain.

Eddie said...

Another solution is to get a pair of Synch Bands ( so then your shoes never come untied.