Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's "Commissioner" To You

Quite some time ago I noticed a vacancy on the City Parking, Traffic and Streets Commission in Ward 2- my part of the City. This Commission is an advisory board, composed of citizen volunteers and intended to inform the City Council on matters relating to parking, traffic regulations and street design and to provide a public forum for such issues- a perfect place for a transportation geek like myself to make my voice heard. Not thinking that much would come of it, I put in an application.

I didn't want to make an announcement on the blog until things were all official and legal-like, but they are now, so here goes:

Earlier this week I learned that Mayor Loveridge and Councilman Melendrez had nominated me for the vacant Ward 2 seat on the Parking, Traffic and Streets Commission. That nomination was forwarded to the City Council at this evening's meeting, and was approved by the full Council. I start a four-year term on the Commission next Wednesday. I look forward to representing, not only the citizens of Ward 2, but also Riversiders who use alternative transportation either by choice or necessity in matters relating to the design and regulation of our city streets. If you'd like to come down and express your support (or dismay), the next meeting is on Wednesday, May 4th at 5:30 in the Orange Square Board Room, 3901 Orange Street downtown.

Please note that this blog will continue to operate as usual, and that all opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the City of Riverside or any organizational units thereof.


Chewie said...

Nice job. This should be interesting.

Sirinya said...

Congratulations! !!