Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PV Line Approved!

Inland News Today reports that RCTC approved the final environmental impact report for the Perris Valley Line Metrolink extension. They expect federal approval "within weeks" and construction starting by the end of the year.

Of course, the PVL will do very little to shift mobility patterns out here in Riverside County. Commuter rail is really a tool to reduce inner-city traffic, and to provide for a smoother commute for suburb-CBD trips. Still, more transit is more transit, and I will look forward to riding the rails to the Orange Empire Railway Museum- the Perris depot has been designed to provide a cross-platform transfer to their excursion trains.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin. Have you checked out OCTA's "OC-LINK" pass? It allows passengers to use OCTA buses and Metrolink trains (within Orange County) to complete their trips all at just $7. Perhaps a simalar partnership between RTA and Metrolink could kickstart ridership?

William R. Cousert said...

When do they expect the service to start on the new line?

Any word about possible extensions to Temecula?

JN said...

@Will- Service is expected to begin in 2013. More information at http://perrisvalleyline.info