Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good news!

Long Beach bike consultant and livable streets hero Charlie Gandy may soon have a new home. It was reported at last night's Bicycle Advisory Committee that the City is finalizing a hiring deal with him, and will be taking him on for a short period as a bicycle consultant.

To quote Joe Biden, this is a big f**king deal.


Who? said...

Holy shit. Charlie Gandy and Riverside in the same sentence? I never thought I'd see the day. Can't wait to see what this leads to.

michael said...

This is great news for Riverside, but I have another beef with the City regarding this committee. There is no information about the committee on the City's website. When and where do they meet? Where are the agendas and minutes? Some of us might like to attend, and this information must be made available - the committee is funded by state legislation.

One other thing. The City's interactive bike map says there are bike lanes on Arlington near Notre Dame High School. There are none, the street is too narrow, and it's one of the worst locations to ride.

JN said...


Both of those issues annoy me, and I try to correct the first by posting meeting times and agendas on this blog when I get them. Watch this space.

As far as Arlington between Indiana and Magnolia, it is awful- but it is also a City-designated "bike route." One of the worst places to ride in the city indeed. I keep bringing this up with public works.