Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simple Truths

I'm in a ranty mood today, so here goes. What follows is a short list of simple truths about alternative transportation that are nevertheless ignored by many denizens of Riverside:

  • The bus is not smelly or dirty, generally speaking, nor is it full to the brim with borderline psychotics.
  • Bicycle lanes are intended for the use of bicycles. Not joggers, strollers, skateboards, or kick scooters, but bicycles.
  • Sidewalks are intended for the use of pedestrians, skateboards, kick scooters, etc., but not bicycles.
  • The back of the bus is going to the same place as the rest of the bus- which means it's a-okay to stand back there, rather than smoosh together so tightly that nobody can board.
  • Board at the front door, exit at the rear.
  • SUV-sized strollers don't fit well on buses, especially at rush hour.
  • Metro does not serve Riverside.
  • Bicycle lanes, just like nearly every other kind of lane, travel in one direction only. In fact, they're even painted with helpful little arrows to remind you of which direction that is.


Anonymous said...

#1. In general no, but their is some, but I'm a very tolerant person.

#2. Have not witnessed those acts.

#3. I've witnessed police riding on the sidewalk in the UCR area.

#4. I always stand in the back, but people always look at me odd when moving towards the back, mind you I'm 6'4'. On a high floor vehicle genrally people move further back.

#5. People generally follow this rule, unless there is standees in the rear exit-MOVE TO THE BACK!

#6. What I'e notice more than strollers is shopping carts. Please lift the wheelchair seat to give room to stand, because most likely you won't let us sit down anyway.

#7. Not since the SCRTD days. I wonder how a statewide transit agency would work now?

#8. To do this is just asking for a collision.

JN said...

#2 happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME at and around UCR, often coupled with #8. It's really irritating. And if cops were breaking #3, they're in violation of the municipal code, which prohibits sidewalk riding.

#7 was an allusion to the fact that many simply say they're going "to the Metro station" when they're trying to catch Metrolink. Or, worse, the people loudly talking on their phone on board the train- "YEAH, I'M ON THE TRAIN. YEAH, THE TRAIN. YOU KNOW, THE METRO."