Monday, July 16, 2012

A Decent Article on sbX

So, as many of you are no doubt aware, the Inland Empire's first rapid transit project (since the streetcar era) is presently being built in San Bernardino. The E-Street sbX BRT will connect the northern ends of San Bernardino with Cal State, downtown, Hospitality Ln. and Loma Linda, and there has been no shortage of criticism of the project. (Personally, I think it's a great idea, and I think that a lot more of the route should have dedicated lanes than do at present. Currently, the dedicated right-of-way runs only from Baseline & E to Hospitality & Anderson, but that stretch of Anderson in Loma Linda can get really congested during peak hours.)

Fortunately, the mayor of Yucaipa chimed in in the Sun to defend the project, especially in light of the recent bankruptcy of San Bernardino. (The project isn't threatened, as it's being funded almost entirely by federal sources.) I think the piece could have used some editing, but it's good to see some optimism about the project in the local press. Even the comments are (at present) civil!


Anonymous said...

The only worry that I presently feel is that local service will be compromised in favor of sbX, however I feel when sbX is here in it's completion I will be rest assured.

JN said...


The truth is, likely there will be some reduction in the #2 that corresponds to the introduction of sbX. That's okay, though, because the #2 won't need as much capacity. Long-distance riders will shift from the local to the sbX. Hopefully, there won't be any MORE reduction than that. I think the grant includes initial year operating subsidies, but I might be wrong about that.