Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pet Peeve Resolved!

So, up until the last few days, Megabus had been one of the perpetrators of my huge transit geek pet peeve-- since the restoration of California service, they had identified their Riverside stop location as the "Riverside Downtown Metro Station."

Trying to be kind, as they are new to the area, I sent their customer service folks a letter:
To Whom it May Concern:

At the moment, your web site lists the Megabus stop in Riverside, CA as the "Downtown Riverside Metro Station." We southern Californians insist on being complicated, and name two local transit agencies very similar things-- Metro is the advertising name for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Agency, which serves LA County with local bus and rail service. Metrolink is a commuter rail system that provides service throughout the greater LA area. The station in Riverside is, in fact, a Metrolink station, not a Metro station. Please correct your information.

Thanks for your time.
 As of tonight, the Megabus web site shows this:

Every once in a while, we can get something fixed.

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