Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pointless Poll

My advisor mentioned in class that unscientific polls are now practically zero-cost, and that you could put one up on your web site in 5 minutes.

It took me three. :)

Vote to the right with your opinions on Critical Mass rides, where cyclists take over a city street by riding through it.


twodogkd said...

Yes polls can be
very interesting

FYI The title of you new opinion poll is printing over your poll selections, thereby obscuring possible answers.

Poll request

Should Riverside Greyhound at its current downtown location?

I have no opinion.
Yes, keep Greyhound at its current location
No, kick Greyhound out of Riverside
No, move Greyhound to another Riverside location*

*If you answered that you want Greyhound to move out of the downtown location, but that you support Greyhound staying in Riverside in some other location, then you are in effect saying you want to kick Greyhound out of Riverside as there is NO OTHER VIABLE location for Greyhound.

Just so you know what it means when Riverside Council candidates support Greyhound staying in Riverside in another location.

That is what Nancy Hart, Council representative in Ward 6 said at the Candidates Forum in La Sierra on March 30, she supported keeping Greyhound in Riverside, just not at the downtown location. After the meeting was over she said she thought it was OK for Riverside citizens to take the bus or whatever to get to Greyhound in San Bernardino, and that she thought that was adequate service.

JN said...


And I know the poll title is obscuring... I just don't know what to do about it. I know HTML, CSS and PHP but Blogger doesn't give one adequate access to the code to fix it.

Oh, and there is one other viable location for Greyhound. Next to a shiny, new intermodal transit center, with Metrolink and RTA buses on Vine street.

twodogkd said...

Well the shit is hitting the fan so to speak.

At the Apr 9 1:00 pm Riverside City Council Transportation meeting one agenda item is a bogus 55 page report wherein they say there is no need to co-locate RTA and Greyhound and also no need to co-locate Greyhound and RCTC. This report for filing does not mention (at least not obviously) that Greyhound is leaving Riverside June 30, but does say that if Greyhound wants to came by and find a site away from downtown on the periphery of Riverside that would be ok.

Riverside City Council and whoever produced this report are a joke, and it would be funny they are so outrageous in their false facts and lack of logic or reasoning capability (putting it nicely -- it really boils done to greed, pomp, and catering to a handful of special interests), except that tens of thousands of citizens who need the service will be GREATLY HARMED, and will be without any means of essential affordable transportation, not to mention the negative economic impacts on Riverside County.

Below are some of the items currently posted on
(might help if you made that a link?)

WITH PETITIONS IN HAND (filled with signatures),
WITH THE ORIGINAL FOR THE CITY CLERK for the written record for public comments at the upcoming City Council evening session, and for distribution to all City Council/Agency Board,


Apr 9 1 pm Transportation meeting: Greyhound to be forced out of Riv! - (We need IN MASS PROTESTS AT THIS MEETING)

URGENT: Take Action to fill Save Riverside Greyhound Petitions - (Email/Mail or take to Riv City Clerk)

Riverside used eminent domain to end Greyhound's lease - (Ward 6 Vote Alfaro OR Scherer)

Ward 6 candidates photos at The Group; Latino Network Candidates Forum - (Hart wants Greyhound away from Fox Theater) pic

Five Before Midnight's Dec 17 blog: Greyhound and Secrets - (What Riv Officials don't want you to know)