Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Transportation Committee Meeting

I may have erroneously told some folks that the City Transportation Committee meeting was today at 1pm. I apologise for any inconvenience- it is THURSDAY at 1pm, in the 7th floor conference room. I've already got nearly 100 signatures to keep Greyhound right where it is. I suggest you all do the same.

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twodogkd said...

FYI, I don't think Thursday's meeting is about keeping or kicking Greyhound out.

The City Council HAS ALREADY KICKED Greyhound out effective June 30, 2009

This meeting and the backup discuss that Greyhound does NOT need to be colocated with RTA nor with Metrolink as they say the same people do not ride both.

The report says that if Greyhound wants to come back they would be put somewhere on the outskirts of Riverside. Today someone from the league of Women Voters said a location on Spruce was mentions but I don't know what that is about.

Some citizens have sent in petitions to the City Clerk of Riverside, to the Council and City Manager, asking that Greyhound be left in place and that the service not be interrupted. I believe she will file these as part of the written public comments for the upcoming City Council evening session; and that any other petitions turned in will also be filed thusly. She told me personally this morning that a coule of these petitions that can hold 15 signatures each had come in.

IF we are going to get the attention of Riverside City Council we are going to have to have THOUSANDS of signatures. We are going to need most of Riverside's various community groups attend a City Council meeting, and many people speaking out against the injustice being perpetuated on the Riverside citizens by the Councils actions to force Greyhound out of Riverside.

All the City Council, save perhaps Melendrez, are firmly entrenched against keeping Greyhound in Riverside.

Nancy Hart Ward 6 said it was ok if "those people" speaking of the citizens in her ward had to find transportation to San Bernardino to catch the Greyhound there. I asked Nancy to stop using her car for a month and to use public transit to get a better idea of what she would be subjecting people in her ward to, and she said NO. After all she gets a fat $500 monthly car allowance, she doesn't use public tranit and she clearly does not care about the citizens in her ward in my opinion.

If you had a way to upload voice, someone gave me a tape of her comments made at the Bordwell Park Candidate Forum where you could hear here exact words on the topic. Shot me an email if you want this tape/CD.