Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calvert does something right!

Okay, so I'm just about to leave the house to go looking for flying pigs and adverts for hell's new ski resort, so I have to quickly point out that Ken Calvert (R-Corona) has actually done something sensible with his position in Congress. He's proposed that goods shipped through ports have a fee added to mitigate the costs of transporting them to and from the ports. (Article in the PE here.)

Now, do I know what the motivation for this is? Yup. This is part of that age-old inland-coastal divide in California politics, and Calvert's long frustration with the massive amount of goods that move through the IE from Los Angeles and Long Beach without a commensurate tax benefit to us. He also suggests that this money be used to pay for railroad grade separation, which points out that his only real focus on public transport is to segregate drivers from those noisy, well-lit killer trains.

Does any of this make me think, for even a second, that Kenny is a friend to public transit? Nope. Does it change the fact that I'll be working very, very hard to ensure that he's jobless come 2010? Nope. Does it mitigate, in any way, the shameless right-wing pandering and hypocritical christian moralising that he's famous for? Not at all. But I will give credit where credit is due.

Pictures of flying pigs to come.

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