Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parking fines... for a parking structure...

FBM posted about, among other things, parking fines being raised in Riverside. They're going from $13 to $38. While that's a bit of a jump, I will stand outside of the chorus of screeching NO's that are undoubtedly ringing through the city, and say that I approve of making driving and parking more expensive. If the affected drivers don't like it, perhaps they should a) stop parking illegally, or b) take the bus.

However, I DON'T approve of the purposes the City is using the money for. Councilman Gardner wants this increase to build his Parking Structure to Nowhere for the Fox Theatre, completely destroying the purpose of subsidising the theatre in the first place. Fantastic, Mr. Gardner. Now stop being an idiot and let the rest of us re-vitalize downtown. Channel your parking fines into improved transit service, or build up a fund for the Riverside Rapid Streetcar.

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