Friday, November 5, 2010

The Injustice of American Health Care

Not transportation related, sorry, but I felt I had to share this one.

Over last weekend, I was in line at my local Rite-Aid picking up some prescriptions. I overheard the woman in front of me telling the pharmacist that she needed to get her prescriptions refilled before her insurance ran out. The pharmacist, making conversation, asked why she was losing her insurance- it's common enough these days, what with the economy being FUBAR'ed and all. Her answer?

"Oh... my husband recently passed away."

This is the horror of the present American health care system. A woman loses her husband to the ravages of time and, in her grief, has to remember to call the pharmacy before the health insurance company notices he's dead and kicks her out into the cold.

You want death panels? We've got death panels. They're called health insurance companies.

We return to our regularly scheduled bus-and-bike ranting tomorrow.


Ruthie said...

I couldn't agree more!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I disagree with you on just about everything it is very hard to argue with you on this one :)

JN said...

Pure evil is relatively easy to recognize and agree upon.

Jeffrey A. Myers said...

I cannot understand why Democrats did not push this very idea MUCH harder during the Healthcare debates.

As soon as Sarah Palin started that ridiculous notion, Democrats should have snapped right back and said, "Death panels already exist. They are called coverage review boards. They are where a bunch of insurance company drones decide whether Grandma gets to live or die based on actuarial tables and cost metrics. Denail of coverage is the Best Practice in the Health Insurance Industry because letting grandma die positively impacts the bottom line. At least if the Government is running the death panels, they don't have a profit motive for giving Grandma the thumbs down."

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