Monday, January 3, 2011

Rider Alert- Chicago Ave. (Now with Trolleys!)

(Please note: Chicago Ave. has been repaired. This detour is no longer in effect.)

Routes 22, 51 and 53 (the last two being UCR trolley service) are all affected by the Chicago Ave. sinkhole. The 22 is detouring via Central, Canyon Crest and 14th. The 51 and 53 (as far as I can tell) are serving as far as the Towne Centre and turning back down Canyon Crest and 14th. The following stops are out of service: (Northbound 22, 51, 53) Chicago/Central, Chicago/Le Conte, Chicago/Vassar; (Southbound 22) Chicago/Prince Albert. Due to the interruption of the route, 51 and 53 riders should also expect delays.

RTA has still not posted any mention of this in any of the electronic media that would be useful for such things, even though they have a web site, Twitter, Facebook, and e-alert messaging systems. I haven't been down to the sinkhole yet to see if they posted out-of-service signs on the affected stops.

RTA- this sort of thing is where social media and electronic messaging systems are most useful. Emergency route detours and delays should be tweeted, facebooked, posted and alerted as soon as possible, especially in the case of Chicago troubles that are going to last for weeks.

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