Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rider Alert- Chicago Ave.

Due to a HUGE FREAKING HOLE IN THE GROUND that wasn't there last week, Chicago Ave. is closed between 14th and Central in Canyon Crest. One bus route, the 22, is affected.

As of now, RTA is detouring the route via 14th, Canyon Crest and Central, following the official automobile detour. No temporary stops have been placed, and no stops along Canyon Crest are being served to my knowledge. Also, RTA has made no announcements via their web site, e-alert service, twitter feed or facebook page. The street closures happened last week.

Edit: Also unknown is the affect this will have on Routes 51 and 53, which also operate over the closure but were not running during UCR holidays. We go back to school tomorrow, and I'll let you know what they're doing.

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