Friday, February 17, 2012

Drivers worried

According to the PE, drivers are worried about $4.

Is that how much the stuff is these days? I hadn't noticed.

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DJB said...

At this point, I'm surprised anyone thinks gasoline is going to become dramatically cheaper again. If it can be well above $3/gallon during a severe downturn, imagine where it will be when the economy comes back and demand increases. Imagine where it will be as the middle class of the global south grows and buys cars and if we tax it like we should to account for and mitigate its environmental effects.

It's a good call to try and set up your life so that you're less reliant, and can say "so what?" to the price of gasoline. "High" prices help to create incentives to do just that. I only wish we would ease ourselves into high prices through taxation, instead of letting markets do it for us in unpredictable and potentially disruptive ways.