Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Are you the blogger?"

I'm being watched. I walk in to the RTA public meeting tonight (which I didn't see any of you folks at, tsk tsk tsk!) and the director of planning says to me "Hey, are you the blogger?".


More on the meeting later, when my grad school applications are finished.


Anonymous said...

I may have mentioned your blog at a Riverside Council meeting.

Perhaps the RTA person reads Craigslist.

But word about you and your very interesting blog will certainly spread.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT TO LATE to attend an RTA meeting to share concerns about the changed or canceled routes.

There will be a meeting in Perris Thursday night and in Sun City on Friday.

I could not make the Tuesday meeting because of conflicts with other meetings I was attending.

See Inland Empire Craigslist politics classified ads for a post about the meetings. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pol/

twodogkd said...

Not to late to make comments, may call or send comments by email.

meeting today Friday Feb 20th at 2 pm about route changes and closures at 29995 Evans Rd., Sun City or call 800.800.7821 or email comments@riversidetransit.com