Friday, February 20, 2009


If you couldn't make it to the Tuesday night meeting (which was fun, and which I still need to find time to write up... busy week...), you can still comment on the fare changes. All of the official public meetings have passed, yes, but comments can still be submitted via e-mail (to, via telephone (at 1-800-800-7821), or by snail-mail, if anyone still uses that (ATTN: Director of Planning, Riverside Transit Agency, 1825 Third Street, Riverside, CA 92507). Furthermore, public comments will also be accepted (per the Agency Director of Planning) at the upcoming RTA Board of Directors meeting on the 26th of February, at 14:00 in the County Administration Center, Board of Supervisors Conference Room in downtown Riverside. (The meeting location has moved, and yes, this move seems to be permanent.)

Tell 'em you want effective transportation in Riverside County.

2 comments: said...

Comments may be on any of the following and NOT just fare changes, right?

- fare changes

- service changes on routes (changes in stops made, days service is provided, time service is provided, number of buses per day, etc.)

- route cancellations

By the way, I am posting your text on

JN said...

I believe the fare change public comment period may be closed. Otherwise, yes.