Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Special Meeting

Riverside residents, heads up! I was on IE Craigslist's Politics section, and I found notice of a special meeting between the City Council and (*yech*)Congressman Calvert. It's at 9:30am on Wednesday the 18th, in the Mayor's Ceremonial Conference Room (that's seriously what they call it), and they'll be discussing, among other things, the Riverside transit center.

I can't make it. No way no how. I've already missed too much of my Japanese class. However, if you can make it, please please please please please be there, and tell them we need a modern, intermodal transit center here in Riverside. Don't let them redirect FTA funding to downtown transit center improvements, which most people say will only work if Greyhound is gone.

Info on the meeting here.

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Anonymous said...

Did not read your comments until too late.

The City of Riverside or RTA has $3.5 million for redoing the transit center in downtown.

A lady who I believe is on the RTA Board of Directors from the City of Corona, indicated her focus was on RTA only. There seemed to be some unstated issues with the downtown Riverside site. She did say that RTA never said they were working with the City of Riverside to make that an RTA only site. She did not want to discuss joint use of that site with Greyhound, or whether she thought that was a possibility or not.

Melendrez asked Calvert if it was ok to use that site for others beside RTA such as Greyhound, and Calvert said he did not see any issues with that, but that was not his decision, but Riverside's and/or RTA.