Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greyhound Extension

Per the City Council minutes, 4/14/09, Greyhound has been authorized yet another 60 day extension to allow time for the City's staff to produce their report on the Riverside Multi-Modal Transit Center. This puts us sometime in late August now, I believe. Hopefully the staff will come up with a report that recognizes Greyhound's proper place in our transportation infrastructure.

Source: page 4


twodogkd said...

My understanding is that the vacate date is still June 30.

Steve Adams during the meeting asked (and did not know) if Greyhound was authorized to stay through the 60 days until the report. As Greyhound's vacate date is the end of June, someone answered affirmatively.

To my knowledge their stay has not been officially extended by a vote of the Council.

Mike Gardner, City Councilman Ward 1 told me within the last week or so, that Greyhound AND RTA would be moving over by the Metrolink, that there would be a single shared building with bathrooms, space for the Greyhound luggage/office, space for RTA, space for others(?), and perhaps for a food vendor of some type. He said the spaces may be rented out such as to Greyhound.

A few weeks ago I had heard that RTA was going to stay at the downtown site. But that had been changing day to day, and at that point RTA had tired of the whole mess and was going to spend a minimal amount at the Downtown location. Last I heard they had had $3.5 million available for an RTA terminal. The overhead at the last aforementioned City Council meeting showed a map with RTA by itself on its own site and Greyhound was not shown.

So we will see.

Mike Gardner seemed pretty certain Greyhound/RTA were moving to the Metrolink area, and normally the Councilman in the Ward has the say. Metrolink is in Andy Melendrez's ward, so just not sure about the whole thing.

Mike Gardner has said in the past that Greyhound could stay until they find a place to relocate to.

JN said...

Interesting. I shall seek clarification from the Council myself, because that raises some concerns. However, I think it's clear that opinions have turned on this issue, at least for now.