Saturday, May 9, 2009

Win some, lose more...

Contrary to prior reports, the May Rider News lists the #17 as being discontinued in the coming service update. Sorry to my MoVal readers for any confusion this may have caused, and I'm sorry for your loss.

RTA also apparently sneaked something by my watchful eyes- the Downtown Trolley Green Line, route #52, will be suspended in the upcoming "service adjustment." (Euphemism of the year? Possibly premature...) This follows a pattern I've seen before in IE transit, first on the Victor Valley Commuter service years ago. First, you cut service in a way that is superficially justifiable, but makes the route impractical and difficult to use. Then, when the riders that have a choice abandon the route, you cite "low ridership" and pull it out from under the people who've stayed. RTA did this by making the route run on two different routes, within three narrow windows, ostensibly because they were the "productive trips", and then when people didn't want to bother figuring out if there was a bus coming or not, ridership fell and the route's getting axed. Nice, guys.

On the bright side, those expensive new trolleys won't be sitting around going to pot. They'll be (probably) put in service on the new Temecula Trolley, which is set to debut with the new Ride Guide. So Temecula can support a free downtown trolley, but we can't? Beauty.

I have to applaud the addition of the new 212 and 217 routes, between Hemet and Riverside and Escondido respectively. Though I do have to wonder... were 214 and 216 taken?

Let us all hope for an end to these budget woes and the beginning of reasonable investment in Riverside's transit infrastructure.


twodogkd said...

Just ran across The Transit Coalition website, for Greyhound Bus Lines

Some comments and photos about Riverside Greyhound and Palm Springs Greyhound, and also the 2007 news about Greyhound efforts to improve its fleet.

All posts appear to be by someone named nickv, "Ridin' Along the SoCal Rails"

One of the posts about Palm Springs, and the lack of transit connections, says that that issue will be dealt through the "Inland Empire Carfree Connections Campaign"

Info about the Palm Springs Greyhound

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, CA 92258

Telephone Numbers
Main: 800-231-2222
Greyhound Charter: 800-454-2487

twodogkd said...


Transit: Connecting Communities


Here you will find good information on what is happening with trasportation, development, and growth projects in Riverside County. This on-going campaign project is designed for visitors, residents, and employees of the growing Inland Empire who know that a better quality of life is important, but don't know how to help make it happen.

Mission Statement:

The Transit Coalition is a broad based group of concerned citizens mobilized to passionately demonstrate community support for the economic development and continuing operation of improved transportation and quality of life.

Note: A Better Inland Empire and the Transit Coalition are not
affiliated with any public entity or private organization.

The Transit Coalition (a project of SEE) is a non-profit public charity exempt from federal income
tax under Section 501[c](3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

SEE / The Transit Coalition • Post Office Box 567 • San Fernando, CA 91341-0567
Voice (818) 362-7997• Fax (818) 364-2508 • Projects and Goals, HSR; Mixed-use Transit Oriented Development, Metrolink Perris Valley Line; Rail line via the I-15 Corridor, Promote existing public transit; transit: reconnecting calimesa; carfree connections - all day, daily transit.

Carfree Connections: All Day, Every Day


Maps & Tools


Maps & Tools
A Better Inland Empire

We are a broad based group of concerned citizens mobilized to passionately demonstrate community support for the economic development and continuing operation of improved transportation.

Riverside County Transit Conceptual Maps:

* Regional Route Concepts - Rail & Bus - Our goal is to bring cost-effective and frequent transit service from early A.M. to late night for several of Riverside County's busiest regional corridors including the SR-91, I-15, I-10, and I-215 freeways.

* Southern Temecula / Redhawk - Bus Route & Trail Concepts - With several high density activity centers and medium/high density residential areas already built or planned for this area, transportation choices in and out of Southern Temecula will be imperative. Walk Score(TM) ranks the dense spot of Temecula Pkwy and Margartia Road as "Very Walkable" with an 82/100, thus making this car dependent region ready for much better transit. The mixed-use Temecula Creek Village, Villages at Paseo del Sol, Pechanga Resort, Temecula Medical Center, Historic Vail Ranch, and the Wal-Mart Super Center already brings or will bring much activity to this region. Our goal is to have RTA bus routes and a locally funded neighborhood shuttle connect these centers with California High Speed Rail and the I-15 Corridor rail line.

Transit Station Conceptual Maps and Illustrations:

* Lake Elsinore Rail Station Concepts - A prime spot for rail would be one of the highest density centers in Lake Elsinore, the Railroad Canyon Interchange. The I-15 Corridor rail line would deviate from the I-15 right of way toward the local surface streets via underground tunnels or trenches to reach the station. Noise and any eminent domain impacts would be minimal and the trains would be fed with RTA buses and locally funded neighborhood shuttles.

* Wildomar Rail Station Concepts - A modest redesign of the Baxter Road freeway interchange together with the minimal right of way acquisition of undeveloped land can bring a sate-of-the-art rail station and a landmark city center to the newly incorporated City of Wildomar. Trains serving the I-15 Corridor rail line would stop here. The design of the mixed use development would be consistent with the surrounding rural environment and the “quiet” rural atmosphere would be preserved and protected from increased automobile traffic. RTA buses would provide rail feeder service.

* Temecula Transit Center / CA HSR Station Concepts - California High Speed Rail and I-15 Corridor rail line trains stopping at this station would deviate from the proposed I-15 Freeway right of way toward the station via underground tunnels and trenches, thus reducing or eliminating eminent domain impacts and allowing for better pedestrian access and bus connections. The station would be placed next door to the proposed 12-bay RTA Temecula Transit Center, allowing for numerous rail feeder bus routes and investment in smart growth and transit oriented development.
Discussion Boards for dialogs on Transit

Not sure about all the above.