Sunday, February 28, 2010

Name My Bike

New Bike, originally uploaded by plattypus1.

Some weeks ago, my very generous father (a long-time cyclist, who I wrote about in my last post) decided that I needed to replace my cobbled-together second-hand Magna mountain bike (bought in bad shape at the UCR surplus sale for $10, and made serviceable by a lot of sweat and spare parts) with a quality, properly-tuned city bike. Quite a bit of money later, and I am the proud owner of a 2010 Fuji Cambridge, a beautiful machine that feels positively at home on our city's roads. I also got a day's lesson on the proper care, maintenance and repair of said machine. I'm left with only one problem-

She hasn't got a name yet.

My last bike was named Nessie, because she's heavy, green and uncooperative. I haven't yet found a name that quite fits the new bike yet, so I leave it up to my loyal readers. Leave your suggestions in the comments. If it's particularly good, I may even get one of those bike license plates with her name on it.

UPDATE: Sorry if this wasn't clear... like most vehicles and vessels, she's female. Though commuting with Bruce Willis would rock.
UPDATE: Thanks to my wife, she's been dubbed Chloe.


Chewie said...

What if you called it "Bruce Willis"? Then you could say you commute with Bruce Willis :)

k said...


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The Riverside Multi-Modal Transit Center is on

The 3/2 6:30 Riverside City Council/Agency/PFA Agenda Discussion Calendar ITEM 16 Multi-Modal Transit Center Update (Ward 2)

Backup: (3 pages)


. . ON December 1, 2009 . . Riverside would serve as the lead agency for the project .. . After working with RTA and RCTC to develop an RFP for feasiblity studies and onceptual design, the RFP was released on February 5, 2010. Proposals are due on March 5, 2010 after which the City RTA and RCTC representatives will review the proposals and interview potential firms. On April 15, 2010, staff will bring a recommendation to the Transportation Committee for consideration of an award of professional services contract to conductthe Study, for final approval by the City Council in Early May.

. . . Marketplace area was well-positioin for transit oriented developmenet in the future . . .

On a quarterly basis staff will provide the Transporation Committee with updates and solicit guidance on development of the proposed Transit Center. The Study is anticipated to take six months and is expected that the final report will be presented to the City Council, RTA Board, and RCTC Board in December 2010. . .

I am troubled/concerned that it seems like they are not getting input from Greyhound Station regarding their plans.

Page3 of the document is an ariel map of the Agency, RCTC, Public Utlities and 4015 Vine Parcles and shows the Metroling lines and parking lot.

Note this is the Temporary Link to the agenda (this link is only good through this 3/5 friday morning early

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