Friday, February 5, 2010

SoCal Transit Forum

Hey everyone. I'm spending the day at the Southern California Transit Forum. If you want to learn more about the issues facing transit and the possible solutions to our troubles, tune in online at You can also follow the discussion on Twitter, hashtag #transitforum.


k said...

Two items

Feb 9 at 6:30 pm Riverside, CA City Council meeting Item 18 BICYCLE MASTER PLAN -- UPDATE backup document is 5 pages Backup document includes background, updates, Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) information; Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) -- but no link or information on how to get in touch with this committee; goals and outreach activity; projects; bicycle counts; grants; proposed Class II Bike lane project; Riverside Bicycling webpage which includes link to Riverside Bicycle Club

Feb 11 from noon to 1 p.m. Greater Riverside T-NOW meeting at Zacatecas Cafe, 2472 University Avenue. Topices include Legislative Update, Promoting Go Transit, Extending Evening Bus Service, Ridership repoerts for Riverside Special Transportation, Metrolink and Riverside Transit Agency.

Wondering if Greyhound would be willing to give ridership reports for Riverside, and/or the other buses?

JN said...

If bikes are on the schedule at City Hall, I'm going to do my best to get there. Probably by bike. I don't know, though, if I'll be able to make it to T-NOW. The last time I did it was kind of a fluke, but if I can get away I will.

You know, it couldn't hurt to ask Greyhound. I'll call their media folks on Monday. It might also be useful to get Amtrak/Amtrak California numbers. I *think* Amtrak's numbers are released monthly, but I'm not sure about Amtrak California's bus service.