Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zipcar Fail

Zipcar recently launched at UCR with four vehicles: Two Toyota Priora (plural of Prius) and two Scion xB's. Well, the recent recall-initiated implosion of Toyota has brought the fleet down to two Scion xB's- the Priora have been pulled for servicing. No word on when they return.


Sirinya said...

That is one of my Zipcar petpeeves -- they don't have a way of communicating with the public about the whereabouts of cars. Zipcar has not been able to retain someone in the LA area to serve as their marketing/communications person. (They have been through two already.) However, apparently a UCLA Daily Bruin reporter apparently managed to get someone from Zipcar to go on the record stating that the Priuses and Scions have been returned to campus following recall-initiated servicing. So that is good news - although that's for UCLA, and not UCR.

JN said...

They made a big deal in their announcement how the recalled vehicles were only 1% of their total fleet. That's all well and good, but they're 50% of the meagre fleet on our campus. The fact that there isn't a BIG FREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT at is a serious PR problem.

It looks like one Prius has been returned, incidentally.