Friday, January 16, 2009

Crowded bus manners

Denizens of Riverside, I know that you're not used to riding on crowded buses. But with RTA seeing double-digit ridership growth month after month, you're going to have to get used to it, and that means learning some damned manners. I was on a very crowded #16 the other night, and I noticed some very, very bad bus manners, so Riding in Riverside would like to offer the following tips as a public service.

DO: Move towards the back of the bus as people get on board. Seriously, this bus was standing-room-only, and every single standee was in front of the mid-bus steps. There was space for every single one of you in the back, and trust me, the back of the bus goes to the same place as the front of the bus.

DO NOT: Crowd five friggin' people in the two feet between the driver and the first seats on the bus. That is an AISLE. People boarding the bus need to walk THROUGH that location to get to anywhere else on board. I had to shoulder my way between you idiots, and there were five or six people in line at the stop behind me. There was plenty of standing room on the bus, and you chose to crowd together in proximity normally reserved for an orgy in a tiny two-foot-square section of the vehicle. Thanks.

DO NOT: Bring a stroller the size of Texas on board. Okay, moms and dads, I know you need to move your children around. I'm okay with that. I'm usually even pretty understanding when they start screaming and running around on board the bus. (Headphones help.) But when you bring a stroller so large that it takes up the entire center aisle of the bus, at the front of the bus where the aisle is massive? If you know you're taking your baby on the bus, get a bus-friendly baby carrying device.
I tripped over- not one, but TWO!- of your massive plastic contraptions. Yes, they're technically allowed as they're "folding" strollers, but COME ON PEOPLE! Hell, smaller strollers are usually cheaper anyway! Save yourself some money, save me some hassle, and keep our bus aisles free of deathtraps from Graco.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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