Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Greyhound suggestions

A local resident shares some suggestions for keeping the Greyhound running in Riverside, though I'm not sure what our options are at this late in the game.

A minor correction though, Mr. Murrel. I like all of your suggestions, but to say that Greyhound shares space with Victorville's public transportation is misleading. The "Victor Valley Transportation Center", which houses the Victorville Greyhound and Amtrak station, is served by only two VVTA routes, with the system's primary transfer point a much-less-attractive bus shelter at 7th and Lorene a few miles south. (I've spent quite a bit of time on VVTA.) Also, the Greyhound station IS within Victorville's city limits, so I'm not entirely sure why you thought otherwise. But overall, a well-thought-out and well-written article that will undoubtedly go ignored by the City. Thank you.

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