Friday, January 30, 2009

Stay of Execution

Greyhound has been granted a six-month lease extension, under which they may continue operating from their current location at Riverside Downtown Terminal.
They have submitted to the following conditions for this extension:
  • They must staff the station from the arrival of the first bus to the departure of the last bus, adding 1.5 hours to the current operating hours.

  • They must keep the area around the station tidier, probably to appease the suits next door in the Chamber of Commerce.

  • They must provide security at the station. Probably a good idea.

  • They must work with the City to find a new location in Riverside.

I agree to every point except the last one there. Personally, I think the central location of the terminal is the optimal location for Greyhound service in Riverside. It's near Metrolink and RTA, county offices, medical facilities, and both major freeways in the area. I agree with the sentiments expressed in this IE Craigslist post, though it's a touch long-winded.

The ideal location for Greyhound would be at a beautiful, new intermodal station for RTA, Greyhound, Metrolink and Amtrak at the site of the current Marketplace Station. Failing that, a spot next to RTA's Downtown Terminal is probably the best option.

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twodogkd said...

We will need to fight to keep Greyhound in Riverside colocated with the RTA.

The City of Riverside is working to shove Greyhound out as the article "RTA center may stay put" January 30, 2009 in the Press Enterprise, suggests. Apparently their angle to force Greyhound out is now to expand the downtown Greyhound/RTA location for RTA ONLY and to shove Greyhound out.

We need the RTA and Greyhound to remain co located.

Thanks for your great articles on Riverside Transit