Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm not crazy!

There really was a Bus Rapid Transit project in Riverside.
It really was going forward at light speed in 2004.
Nobody else ever seems to believe me. Even RTA officials have questioned my assertions on this point. But the Internet remembers all!

This is the only mention still on RTA's publicly-accessible web site of RapidLink. In 2004, "focus groups" said that the BRT project was "a good investment" as part of the "final phase" of the RapidLink project.

There's also an old issue of SoCaTA's "Advocate" that mentions the approval of RapidLink.

There used to be a copy of the On Board Bulletin (the old newsletter that RTA used to put out before the single-page "Rider News" we get now... ah, budget cuts, my old friend...) posted on the site, from December '04, that said "RapidLink coming in July". Unfortunately, that file no longer exists, but a diligent Google around shows that RapidLink was in the works. And then it just... disappeared...

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