Monday, March 16, 2009

Post length

Okay, there's been some research into the attention span of the modern Web-connected individual. The idea is that anything over a few paragraphs is too long. I could go into a long rant about the sound-byte media culture and whatnot, but I shall put this to the readership.

I try to write my posts in a way that covers all of the pertinent info in any given issue or argument. Sometimes they run longer than many bloggers do. So I ask of you now- Are my posts too long?

Vote with your comments.


Angela said...

I don't mind a longer blog post, if the information stays pertinent to the topic. So, feel free to be as wordy as you need!

twodogkd said...

I like you posts as they are.

For folks with a shorter attention span you could have a couple of sentences/paragraph executive summary at the top so that could get some idea, and if they wanted details they could continue reading.

If that is too much, then just write whatever. We enjoy your blog and your blog just may be what makes a difference in Inland Empire public transport, as I am not aware of anyone else speaking up for the little guy and in particular not our elected politicians thought I can't say I know them all, should limit it to Riverside City Council . . .