Monday, November 30, 2009

Geekiness, Part 2

I was playing around with my cellphone, and in a fortuitous twist of timing, I managed to get the latest version of Google Maps for Android installed. Version 3.2.1 includes a few new features, with the one everyone's going crazy about being voice-driven GPS navigation. However, the one that I'm really enjoying works really nicely with my last post. You see, in earlier versions of Google Maps for Android, you could see Google Transit icons, but you couldn't get any information about them without actually plotting a trip. In this new version, you can. Push on any bus stop or train station, and it gives you the option to get transit, walking or driving directions there, or to view upcoming departures. Cool stuff.

Oh, a word of caution. To users with un-modified Android devices that aren't the Motorola Droid, this update won't install properly. The reason I've got it on my G1 is because I use a modified community-maintained firmware for my phone called CyanogenMod. It's freely available, and the process to convert your phone is well-documented, if a bit time-consuming. You can get more info on their web site.

By the way, 200th post!

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