Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hurricane drenches millions, inconveniences drivers

Automobile dominance was on display in my GMail inbox today, and not in an advertisement. Google's "Web Clips" service often brings Reuters headlines across the top of my e-mail, and this one graced that space this morning:
"Weaker Ida drenches US Gulf Coast, hits oil supply"

Yes, that's right. Millions of people are threatened with flooding, 60M/h+ winds, and torrential rain. The governor of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency. Lives may be lost, and property will most certainly be damaged- and the most important aspect of this storm that the world needs to know about? How it affects oil prices.

Folks, even the 43rd President of this country, who was oblivious to pretty much everything else, acknowledged our nation's addiction to oil. When the ex-oil company executives start admitting there's a problem, you know there's a problem. And, of course, the elephant in the room that nobody will talk about- we are addicted to oil because we are addicted to driving. This has to stop.

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