Friday, November 6, 2009

We did it first!

So apparently San Antonio, TX's VIA bus service is going to start offering WiFi on several express routes in a pilot program to see if folks will use it. Also, Amtrak is considering offering WiFi on the Acela Express service between DC and Boston. (Amtrak used to offer such service on the Capitol Corridor between San Francisco and Sacramento, but hasn't done so on any California service trains since then.) I just want to mention that Riverside Transit has had on-board wi-fi on the CommuterLink 202 since 2005, along with satellite TV.

I think it's great that other transit agencies are starting to follow RTA's lead on this one. I'm also glad RTA has taken the lead. Hopefully they'll expand their offerings to routes other than the 202- I'd love to surf the 'net on a long trip on the 1 down Magnolia.

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