Thursday, April 29, 2010

Airport Transit Post Update

It seems that I'm not as knowledgeable as I'd like to think myself. On my recent HOWTO on getting to the airport, I sent my readers on a rather winding route on Orange County's local buses to get to John Wayne Airport. In my defence, SNA is the only airport in southern California I haven't ever flown out of.

A reader in Irvine's transportation department sent me an e-mail about the iShuttle system- it's a commute-hour-only shuttle designed to take workers to and from the Metrolink station, and it provides direct service to John Wayne. If you're travelling on a weekday during commute hours, it should suit your needs perfectly. I've updated the HOWTO accordingly.

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k said...


Item 13 on the Tuesday, May 4, 2010 6:30 pm Riverside City Council Agenda, CONSENT CALENDAR, below, is about the RIVERSIDE MULTI-MODAL TRANSIT CENTER FEASIBILITY AND DESIGN STUDY

City Council

13. Joint item with Redevelopment Agency - Transportation Committee recommends agreement with Psomas for $176,034 plus $17,603 contingency for total not-to-exceed $193,637 from University Corridor/Sycamore Canyon Merged Redevelopment Project Area 2007 Un-programmed Tax-Exempt Bond Funds Account for Multi-Modal Transit Center feasibility and design study - Funds transfer (Ward 2)

See the 23 page backup to the above item

NOTE: Riverside City Council's Transportation Committee recommended using PSOMAS to conduct the Transit Center Feasibility and Design Study.

Page 23 of the backup shows the land and Metrolink station across the street.