Friday, April 9, 2010

Breaking News: Cars Still Suck

I'm temporarily car-less once more. (I say "car-less" here rather than my preferred "car-free" because I'm not free of the beast- I still have to pay for it in insurance & registration, I just can't drive it.) Apparently my car's "master cylinder" cracked, leaving me with a $300 repair bill that I simply can't pay, half of which is labour.

If even some of the most expensive bits of my bike were to fail, few would break $100 in parts, and the labour I can accomplish myself with simple hand tools. And it goes without saying that I never have to worry about repairing a transit vehicle.

So yeah. Cars still suck.

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Chewie said...

I've got to say, getting hit with some big repair bills is a big part of the reason why I'm living "car light" right now.

Thinking about the environmental impacts of driving is bad enough, but when it's making you broke too, it really sucks.