Friday, April 23, 2010

Me on KCET

Well, not on the TV machine, but I was interviewed and quoted in this article, part of their "Dreams Interrupted" online series.

I especially enjoyed the second commenter on the story:

..This four county area LA, OC, SBD & RIV, need to understand that the future of our economy and our very existence relies on public transportation. Why, because without people moving from point A to point B, no money moves from point A to point B! The southland needs to dream big and make tough choices now. We need to only keep our trains, but add more! I'm realizing that the dreams of many southern californians are being ruined by politicians who can't see beyond the ever-present haze in the air called re-election. Well, let me tell you something politicians, we are in the midst of an economic/bankruptcy cancer, and as everyone knows about cancer, IT SPREADS!!! No one, will be spared, including you, who will remain to govern a failed state... Dream big or step down!

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