Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you guys know about this?

A reader e-mailed me yesterday. She had recently returned from a trip to San Francisco, and had great success with Muni's NextMuni system, a real-time bus tracker that I've used myself (and also to great success). She asked me if RTA had any plans to implement such a system in the future.

I was pleased to inform her that RTA already HAS a real-time bus-tracking application, for most local routes in Riverside and Moreno Valley. It's available at displays at Downtown Terminal, RCC, RTA headquarters and a few other places (I think). It's also available online, and works great with smartphones.

Check it out at www.rtabus.com- departure times are available with any web browser, and those who are slaves to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer can also enjoy a live map of bus positions.


rfbush said...

Haven't used RTA's application but I really like OCTA's text messaging system, OCTAGO, for getting arrival times while standing at any stop on there system. I'm a slave to my iPhone.......

JN said...

rfbush- I take it you're an OC resident, but if you find yourself out in RTA-land you'll be happy to know that rtabus.com works quite nicely on the iPhone, as well as on my Android-powered G1.