Thursday, June 3, 2010

Metrolink College Program Cut

In yet another cut to Metrolink services, the former College Student Discount program has been discontinued. The program allowed students to order monthly and 10-trip passes through their college offices (including UCR's Parking and Transportation Services) at a 25% discount. In an effort to decrease administration costs, the discount has been cut to 10%, and the passes will now be available through Metrolink TVMs- students must carry their student IDs while riding.

These changes go into effect on June 30th, 2010. More info here.


k said...

All are welcome to attend this meeting.

August 20 10-11:30 am Brad Weaver of RTA will speak about TNOW and the Greater Riverside Transportation NOW coalition to Friday Morning Morning Club that meets at the Goeske Senior Center, 5257 Sierra St. (at corner of Streeter), Riverside, CA

See ie cl EVENTS posts about the above meeting here

JN said...

K- You should get your own blog for all of these meeting announcements. You provide a valuable service to the community, and I'd link to you!