Friday, June 25, 2010

RTA Board Officially Approves Signal Priority Tests

I briefly mentioned that RTA still had some cash laying around for signal-priority testing a few months ago. The RTA Board officially ratified a partnership with City officials, giving the green-light extending devices the, um, green light. Installation should be complete by spring 2011, with the test concluding in fall of that year.

The BRT report (PDF) presented at yesterday's Board meeting seems to imply that the design of RapidLink is not yet finalized- earlier incarnations were most emphatically BRT-light projects similar to LA's Metro Rapid- signal priority, limited stops, and enhanced bus shelters, but no dedicated lanes, but both that report and a recent Press-Enterprise article suggest that some amount of dedicated busway may be in the cards for Magnolia, at least at peak travel times. Is it possible that the economically-induced delay for this project (which was slated to launch in 2005) will actually result in a better transit system for Riverside?

The planning and alternatives analysis for the RapidLink BRT project is slated for after the signal priority demonstration, in late 2011 and 2012.

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