Monday, June 14, 2010

Dump the Pump Day 2010

As many transit advocates know, June 17th is Dump the Pump Day, and the IE's two major transit agencies are launching initiatives designed to get people out of their smoking death machines cars and onto public transit.

RTA is giving away free Day and 30-Day passes in a drawing- simply send in a 1-day or 30-day pass that was valid on June 17th, and you'll be entered into a drawing for 100 free bus passes. The agency has more information here.

If you're in Omni territory, you can get a free ride all day on Thursday by visiting Omni's web site and downloading this flyer, which can be exchanged on any Omnitrans bus for a free day pass. Please note that Omni is only accepting flyers printed in colour, so don't print it off on the office laser.

Me? I'll be entirely disregarding Dump the Pump day, hurtling down I-80 in a fossil-fuelled vehicle, but know that I support the campaign in spirit!

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Celsius1414 said...

Since I already have an Omni monthly pass, I'll probably celebrate by biking to work. :)