Monday, July 5, 2010

Cars- Who Needs 'Em?

So I'm posting this mainly to brag, but also to encourage the rest of you to get out of your metal cages and start transporting yourself with pedal power.

This weekend I've put over 70 miles in on my bicycle. On Saturday I rode with a friend down to Huntington Beach via the Victoria Avenue Bikeway and Santa Ana River Trail- 55 miles, plus a couple more later to catch a bus in Newport to take us home. (And I caught it with my GPS, too!) Today, I put about 18 miles round trip in going to and from the Inland Empire Atheists 4th of July Pool Party, at the group organizers' home in Arlington Heights.

I'm not a terribly physically fit guy, and I've only been biking for transportation for about a year, consistently. However, I'm able to go a damned long way on a bicycle. If you think somewhere is too far to bike, you're probably wrong.


Chewie said...

I tip my hat to you for those rides. It's true that one can go very far on a bike, farther than many people probably believe to be possible, especially when the infrastructure is in place.

JN said...

Infrastructure is indeed helpful- the ride to the beach was mostly along the awesome grade-separated Santa Ana River Trail, as well as Riverside's Victoria Avenue Bikeway. Not having to stop for lights and waste the energy is nice, though I do wish sometimes the roads would go ABOVE the river trail, rather than us having to dive below.