Tuesday, June 2, 2009

100 posts!

This is the 100th post to Riding in Riverside. Though noting this occasion is, of course, a little decimal-centric, I'll do it anyway. In commemoration of this occasion, and because a strange bolt of OCD inspiration struck me tonight, I have posted a good amount of my collection of transit fare media on the RiR Flickr page. Omni, RTA and Metrolink abound, but I also have BART, Sacramento RT, Washington DC Metro and TMB Barcelona, among others. Known missing: Vancouver, San Jose, Paris, and Las Vegas. Check it out!

Yes, I did paint the word "VOID" across all of them in a crude, only-slightly-transparent font. I don't want to be accused of fare evasion. Furthermore, any blurred lines are probably blocking somebody's signature.

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