Sunday, June 21, 2009

Credit where it's due

I let RTA have it when they make the strange and backward-looking moves that they occasionally do, so I owe it to them to praise them when they get something right. And they have, in the new Ride Guide. Route 16, in both directions, now serves the Metrolink station on every trip, while the trains are running. They even manage to connect to Amtrak trains #3 and 4, every Amtrak California bus departure, and three out of four Amtrak California arrivals. (#5416 is still a touch too late, but I hope RTA schedules a pick-up when the 16 goes to midnight service in January.) Kudos!

Of course, this wouldn't be one of my posts without a bit of nit-picking, so here goes. There is no service on 16 to the station on weekends. There is service on route 1, but largely on eastbound trips. RTA, Metrolink runs on weekends now. Often, even. Several trains a day, and there are a lot of people on them. Bus connections there would be helpful.

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