Sunday, June 7, 2009

Free Omni pass now, fare hike later

A couple of Omni-related news items. First, Omnitrans is holding a shindig at Ontario Mills for "Dump the Pump day", June the 18th. I doubt any of us Riversiders are going in that direction (but if you are, stop by- the 204 express serves the Mills), but I bring it up because Omni has posted a coupon for a free day pass, good only for June 18th. If you happen to be heading into their service territory, print this out and enjoy a free ride.

Second, Omni looks like they'll be following RTA's lead and hiking fares. The current $1.35 general fare will increase to the same level as RTA's new June of Doom fare of $1.50. On the bright side, taking a bus most places in the IE will now cost the same flat rate. (Pass Transit is a bargain at $0.75, and the Corona Cruiser will run you $1.25.)

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