Thursday, June 11, 2009


Abandoned bike, surplus from UCR- $10
Repairs and parts- $75
Office Depot file crate- $7

Moving yourself and a week's worth of groceries without a drop of fossil fuel? Priceless.


Sirinya said...

This is awesome.

My dad is getting a Trek bike and I've been trying to get him to see the merits of adding a crate or basket so that he can run errands. He is not quite yet biting, though, which is a total bummer. As much as I mock the San Fernando Valley, we're in a great position to ride short distances to go to the market, the mail box, and to restaurants to pick up take-out.

JN said...

The crate, while it does make the whole vehicle a touch more cumbersome, is an amazing addition to a bike. I don't have to worry about how I'll balance a gallon of milk with other groceries on bags hanging off my handlebars and whatnot. It's especially awesome in that our grocery store is on my commute route, as is the local Chinese take-out and a burger joint, so I can decide to get food on the way home, throw it in the back, and ride on.

I'm using a Planet Bike Eco-Rack, which was easy to install and is sturdy enough for my purposes. They make more expensive and fancy racks, though, some even with lockable trunks to go on top of them. Keep pushing, and he just might cave. :D